Introduction and Background

The condition of albinism within the context of Eastern Africa presents a puzzling and troubling question to the Human Rights community: how does a state protect a marginalized minority that is undefined by Human Rights statutes? What is albinism anyway? Albinism is a “group of inherited conditions in which there is little or no melanin pigment formed by the body hence its partial or total absence in the skin, hair and eyes following an arrest ,insufficiency of an enzyme( tyrosinase) responsible for the production of this pigment. This results in a person having a very pale skin, easily affected by sun burns to pink blue to ash grey eyes and white or blonde hair. Africa Albino Foundation Uganda (AAFU) is an NGO exists to advocate for the plight of person living with albinism At AAFU we believe ddisability resides in the society NOT in the person. For instance a person in a wheelchair might have difficulties being gainfully employed not because of her condition but because there are environmental barriers such as inaccessible buses or staircase in the workplace which obstruct his or her access. Thus our vision “A world in which people with albinism are empowered to achieve their full potential without discrimination.

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