Self esteeem and stigma

Many a times, people living with albinism have cried foul because of stigma. This does not only apply to albino but also many other disadvantaged group. Today I talked about self esteem and self empowerment in one of our monthly meetings. It was edifying to note that stigma many times comes from within. Have you ever thought about any fear or shortcoming that you have in life as your own making to some extent? The saying often goes, disability is not inability, this statement literally addresses the issue at hand, when one conquers the very fear of failure at anything, then you become the HERO.


As parents, community leaders, politicians and the world at large, we all need to believe in the power within each individual as a unique full package, able to attain its full potential. You have the power to change any situation in your life. Take time and look at the challenges you see today, analyze the opportunities therein and move in that direction. The story is often said of two men who visited a village where people hardly wore shoes, one saw an opportunity to set up a shoe factory while another lamented on the level of poverty in the area. Choose today how you look at things and the things you look at will change.

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